Suggested Dayrate


that's about $0.00 an hour.

What is this?

A single purpose calculator for determining a day rate. Hopefully this provides freelancers the confidence to charge what is necesary to reach their monetary goals.

Why these numbers?

We start with your target salary of $0.00 before deductions (tax etc.). Most salaried positions come with some form of benefits (healthcare, pension contributions and more), and we estimate that replacing these would cost about 20% of that salary. Then, most professional salaried employees would hope for a bonus, again, we assume 1%. That leaves us with a target of $0.00 to make.

Of the 365 days in a year, 104 are weekends. Professionals in the United States receive 8.5 days of paid holidays on average, we can round that up to 9.

The average number of unplanned (sick or otherwise) days worldwide is 6.4, but we’ll use 7 to be safe. That gives us $0.00 / 196 days for a day rate of $0.00. You can round that up to the nearest $5 for the sake of sane accounting.